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Hard Copy RFP Procedures

September 28, 2023

1) Contact Goodbuy Purchasing Cooperative Staff at to request a copy of the RFP Specification Form at least 7 business days prior to the RFP submission deadline.  

2) Submit the signed completed RFP in a sealed envelope or carton properly marked with the RFP number and submittal date, time, and all required forms, documents, and all other required documents to Goodbuy Purchasing Cooperative 209 N Water Street Corpus Christi TX 78401.  The proposal must be submitted in electronic, searchable PDF Format on a USB flash drive.  Paper Copies will not be accepted.

3) The proposal, electronic catalog, and or price list must be submitted with the proposal in a PDF format to be viewed and considered for award.

4) The hard copy electronic proposals must be received at ESC 209 N Water Street Corpus Christi TX 78401 no later than the RFP submission deadline.

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