June 24, 2021


Our team has a total commitment to excellence in customer service and providing the highest quality of support to each of our members and vendors. We strive to make a positive difference for our members as they buy what they need and our vendors as they provide solutions.

For our Local Education Agency members ... EDGAR!  New Federal Regulations from the U.S. Department of Education must be followed when spending Federal Funds. All GoodBuy contracts are EDGAR compliant!

Job Order Contracting PRE-PROPOSAL MEETING Link - Passcode: dhA.Gm2X

JOC Vendors: It is highly recommended that you watch the Pre-Proposal Meeting from the link above.  We would like to be able to award as many vendors as possible!

This meeting will be available on the Goodbuy website until all JOC Bids have closed.

Supplier Registration

Bids currently available: (Bids will be unsealed at 10:00 AM CST at 209 N Water Street Corpus Christi TX 78401 room 2-05 on the date indicated at the beginning of each bid number)

6/23/21 21-22 7GCJOC2 General Construction: Join Zoom Opening https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84659410037 

6/24/21 21-22 7DJOC2 Demolition:  Join Zoom Opening: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85107769809

to view unsealing of the bid Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89728978971 6/24/21 21-22 6E100 Curriculum and Curriculum Aids

6/25/21 21-22 7FJOC2 Flooring: Join Zoom Opening: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81876477803

6/28/21 21-22 7HVACJOC2 HVAC Join Zoom Opening: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81752069350

6/30/2021 21-22 5H000 Auctioneer Services: Live/Online

7/1/2021 21-22 4C100 Band/Orchestra: Instruments/Equipment

7/2/2021 21-22 6O100 Special Education Classroom Security Compliance

7/16/2021 21-22 6U000 Computer: Software

7/20/21 21-22 4E000 Photocopiers/Duplicators: Supplies/Equipment

7/22/2021 21-22 7O000 Signage: Interior/Exterior Facility Signs

7/27/2021 21-22 6P000 Awards: Plaques/recognition/Trophies/Promotional Items

7/28/2021 21-22 9B000 Buildings/Classrooms/Canopies: Modular/Portable/Metal

7/29/2021 21-22 6W000 Drama/Dance: Costumes/Props/Theatrical Supplies/Equipment

8/10/2021 21-22 6K100 Agricultural Sciences: Supplies/Equipment

8/24/2021 21-22 8D100 Capital Equipment: Heavy Equipment & Machinery

9/2/2021 21-22 3F000 Cafeteria Equipment: Refrigeration/Cooking/Furniture/Product Installation/Repair

9/7/2021 21-22 4F000 Calculators: Mathematics/Graphing/Science

9/9/2021 21-22 4GC00 Furniture: Computer

9/14/2021 21-22 4K000 Playgrounds: Surfaces/Structures/Supplies/Equipment

9/16/2021 21-22 4C000 Band/Choir Uniforms: Student/Staff

9/21/2021 21-22 6D000 Office: Supplies/Equipment

9/23/2021 21-22 4V000 Outdoor Furnishings: Tables/Benches/Bleachers/Receptacles/Racks

The Education Service Center Region 2 has an RFP that opens on June 10, 2021 for AEL Software.  This bid will be unsealed at 10:00 AM CST June 24, 2021.  To view the unsealing of AEL Software Bid join us via zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81355057596

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