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Become a Vendor

July 25, 2017


Vendor Registration and Participation:

A vendor registering with the GoodBuy Purchasing Cooperative will be sent, via email, e-notifications of bid availability on the commodity categories that they select, but will not appear on our website as an Awarded Vendor until after they have submitted a bid and have been awarded a contract by the ESC-2 Board of Directors. 

The Contractual Bid Forms for each RFB must be submitted by 2:00 pm CST/CDT on the Bid Due/Opening Date. 

Vendor Administrative Fee Information:

There is no charge to register and receive bid e-notifications. Vendors are charged a $50 administrative fee for each bid category that they participate in. Your bid submission will not be processed without receipt of the  administrative fee. It is advisable to submit your payment with your proposal in order to facilitate the processing of a successful bid. If you need assistance during the registration process please contact us by email or by phone at (800) 891-6403.

New vendors may register below to receive bid e-notifications:

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